What we do

Since we have started our projects can be categorised in two sections.
One is work we have done in collaboration with agencies.
Most on a project consultancy basis, often for one or two community members. Mostly in an experience designer plus an experience copywriter set up.
Where needed combined with one of our strategist.

These are a few agencies and companies we have collaborated with:

Other projects we have done directly for brands or companies.
For this we first set up a meeting with the client, and based on the needs and requirements we assemble a core team to work on the project.

There have been many brave brands over the past 15 years, including:

60 layers of cake offers project based consultancy in collaboration with agencies, directly for clients, startups and scaleups. If you would like to know more, please contact rodger@60layersofcake.com Rodger has worked on projects in Europe, Japan, Russia, the Middle East and South Africa.

Our global community offers experienced consultants, and young and eager talents in the field of: concept development, art direction, copywriting, experience design, business design, communication strategy, brand strategy, mobile and online development, game development, photography and film direction and production. If you want to know more about any of these individual skills, or a combination of them, please feel free to reach out via welcome@60layersofcake.com

A LIVE project or upcoming pitch?

When you are facing a challenge of any type, 60 layers of cake can be your partner in finding the best solution. If you need a senior art director, a copywriter, or both as a team. When you need a strategist, a visual designer, a developer or business designer. The global community has experienced and talented people in Europe, Japan, Africa and the Middle East.

Our core team is based in Amsterdam, yet they are international.
For any question you might have regarding a creative challenge, please contact rodger@60layersofcake.com He is an awarded creative director with a master in design and one in art direction. And co-founder of 60 layers of cake.

When your challenge is more toward brand or communication strategy, please contact Franck Vinchon for communication questions on franck@60layersofcake.com. And for more brand comms and strategy questions reach out to Jason Dawes jason@60layersofcake.com Jason comes from the UK and worked at Naked Media for many years. He has worked on projects in Europe, the Middle East. Also worked at the client side, at Adidas for many years. Franck is French, and has worked on projects in Europe and Russia.

For more technical or digital questions feel free to reach out to Sami. Sami has been at 60 layers of cake for many years, worked in Europe and Russia and is currently our technical lead from Bangkok sami@60layersofcake.com. Sami is from the Middle East. He worked on projects in Europe, South Africa, Russia and South East Asia.

When you already have a strong view on what you need, and you are looking for a production partner, please connect to Bart van Dam. Bart is our head of production, but is also a movie director himself. He is part of 60 layers of cake from the start in 2015 bart@60layersofcake.com. Bart is Dutch. He has produced films and photo shoots in Europe, USA and South Africa.

The work of our global community has been nominated and awarded at all major award shows numerous times. Over 100 nominees and around 70 awards, including several Grand Prix’s, including Cannes.

As one of the founders, and leading the recruitment team, rodger@60layersofcake.com would be your first point of contact when you have a creative, strategic or experience consultant question. He will consult the regional, Amsterdam, based team. In order to make a plan forward.

He has 30 years of experience at global agencies, and recently supported PwC in setting up their “experience center”. He has been in international jury’s for 6 years in a row, and would love to hear your challenge, and open the door to the full ommunity.

You can see some of his creative, tech and business consultancy projects here, or email him with any question you might have.