60 layers of cake is a platform that works with the holacracy model. This means that the team has a flat structure, and that projects run based on the leading expertise. For every project we determine what the main challenge is, and based on that we pick the leading expertise, which becomes the “leadership” structure for the project.

We work with a global pool of talent.
These are guided by the following leading people per region.


Rodger Beekman / creative / strategist / experience design.


Franck Vinchon / strategist.
Recently joined.

Simon Neate-Stidson / strategist.
Since 2008.

Martin Pyper / design.
Since 2010.

Bart van Dam / head of production.
Since 2008.

The Amsterdam unit also covers Moscow, Paris and London.

Bangkok + Hong Kong:
Sami Sirham / creative / strategist / emerging technology.

Since 2009.

Sami Shirhan for Bangkok and Hong Kong.

Nishant Shah / creative / strategist.

Since 2016.

Nishant Shah for Tokyo and Mumbai.

Gregg Harper / creative / production / strategist.

Recently joined.

Gregg Harper for Budapest and London.

Cape Town:
Danny de Nobrega / strategist / management
Since 2009.

Danny de Nobrega for Cape Town.

Vicente David / creative / art direction / illustration.

Since 2016.