Experience consulting / experience design.
We create a full experience around a product or brand. Sometimes we collaborate ion creating the product as well. Together with MullenLowe in Dubai we have created the “take the city walk” concept. Where we created all kind of experience design elements to fully capture the new area in Dubai.

Rapid reviewing and validation.
Our global network offers a high speed “review & validation” process. When we find an insight or create an idea (or later in the process a prototype) we share this within our network and check if we are on the right track. With our global network we know within a few days if our concept already exists, or something close to it. If someone else has similar thinking, maybe we can team up. Or do we need to start over, before going in too deep? All very productive insights. Our holacracy model facilitates this smooth and fast way of working. And has already given us the edge in a few projects in the past.

Product innovation and prototyping.
When we collaborated with Havas Amsterdam we worked for Nutrilon. Nutrilon at that time had a large retail challenge, since their product was “kidnapped” from stores, before young parents could get their hands on it. By truly understanding this brand challenge we created a product innovation combined with an online platform, then later turned this into a sales channel. With this project we solved brand, retail, communication and sales issues.
All in one go.

Concept development and creative production.
For Adidas Russia we created a brand concept with no ending. FLOW used the endless, unique movements of young Russian urban athletes. Facilitated in a large venue in Gorky Park, we created an endless movie where people would FLOW from one sport into another. All captured and shared in a unique way. Leading to all posts combined and one long, endless looping movie. FLOW.

Culturally relevant strategy & concept.
When working in the Middle East we created a new visual language for young emirati. Men and women are not allowed to talk to each other, not even via text message. For them we created these 2 human-like characters. Then they could use them to send messages to eachother. The language behind this was shared in a special way that only they knew about it. All others just saw 2 human-like characters.

Craft for any media channel.
We believe that craft is a language in itself. With everything we do, from building apps to creating online platforms, full-on human centered experience design roadmaps . . . to short and simple films. Craft is KEY for us. As it was with this project we did for AL Jazeera in Qatar. We collaborated with the Minimiam in Paris and the Ambassadors in Amsterdam to create the parallax movie and stills.

Prototyping for validation and improvements.
In order to push our concepts and work to the next level, we create prototypes of many kinds. A test video, a digital prototype, a hardware prototype. We can create all of them in order to validate the concepts to the fullest, and bring improvements with every iteration.
We have a very experienced production team, and a wide network of companies to collaborate with, such as MediaMonks, Art Box, UNIT, More than TV, the Ambassadors, Cultural Oil, LeBook, The Mill . . .