Who we are

We are a global community of human centered thinking, brand, communication and experience design experts and talents.
Founded in Amsterdam our community contains inter-viduals in Europe, Russia, Africa, Japan and the Middle East.

Each of our community members can be the beginning, the middle
or the ending of a complex loop of feedback and iteration.
We see our projects as a circular process, one where we are all
equal to each other.

We are not a new business model, although today 15 years after we have started there are many more project based, highly skilled, innovative and highly connected networks out there.

But we are not like this, we are not a business model or a business concept.
We are a community of carefully selected, culturally connected, free minded and free thinking human centered designers.

We live in a time of community driven personas, virtual personalities, and pseudonymous entities that may not even be able to be controlled by the brands they follow and like.

We believe that the creative alchemy created by our global community, as well as by all individuals it contains, understand this current mindset. A mindset where creating connections between consumers and brands, and consumers via brands, has become more interesting than ever before.