Rodger Beekman

60 layers of cake is me, Rodger Beekman and my international network of experienced, talented, tech geeks, copy nerds, art directors, blockchain lovers, film directors, photographers, crypto seekers, designers, app building and a whole lot more.

Or, as one 60 layers of cake team member once said: “60 layers of cake is simply everyone on this planet that worked with Rodger and created something special together, whenever and wherever”

As a creative director I have worked in Amsterdam, Doha, Tokyo, Cape Town, Dubai and Moscow. So the 60 layers of cake network is created from people from all those places. And still today I work with them when relevant.

Today I am working project based as an art director, creative director, design director, strategist and transformation consultant. On any type of project or pitch that might lay in front of you. You can work with me alone, and we can add people from 60 layers of cake whenever that feels relevant to do so.

You can contact me on