We have been collaborating with Glamour since their launch in 2005, first through BSUR. And later solely through 60 layers of cake. Since the launch the magazine was awarded many times, including a Cannes Lion for their communications. But the highlight came in 2010 when Glamour was voted Magazine of the Year 2010 in Holland. The jury rapport highlighted the “Many memorable marketing communication concepts done by the magazine through the years”.

Thanks to the strong connection with Karin Sweerink (now at editor in chief at Vogue NL) and her team, and the fact that they are highly collaborative, we where able to create some amazing projects together. The “it’s the inside that counts” concept being the latest. A concept that says all there is to say about the content of the magazine, and at the same time  tells the readers that there is more to life then just that cool Calvin Klein dress.

A flip-through the special Glamour October 2010 issue: http://www.genj.nl/bladeren/glamour?editie=14

Collaborative communication case Glamour

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