After introducing KC Fris, a 100% fruity soda drink, we now collaborated with the Heinz team on their Karvan Cévitam syrup brand. The concept “Shadow Play” connects to the inner child in all of us. It is different than the usual “family at home” situation but the test results showed a lot of confidence. After a 3 day shoot in Portugal and 4 days of editing and finalizing, we launched our first film in the “Shadow Play” concept.

Made by:

60 layes of cake team:

Account manager & legal Claudia Beishuizen.

Creative director Nathalie Brähler.

CCO Rodger Beekman.

Production house: We Film

Film producer: Tobias Wilbrink.

Film director: Martijn de Jong.

D.O.P.: Menno Mans.

Music: Gerard et Jerome.

Sound design: Kaiser Sound Studio’s

Moving storyboards: Jonathan Mechanicus

Collaboration case Karvan Cévitam

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