Win some, lose some

We can’t say, ‘It doesn’t matter if we win or lose.’ We go in to win. And when we lose we learn. After five years of close collaboration with the Dutch Heinz Drinks team, our journey ends here, now.
After an exciting pitch period for all KraftHeinz brands, we congratulate Being There as the winner.
You (KC) Go!

Here’s what we’ve learned: following our close creative collaboration model you win some, resulting in great work. Recently for Al Jazeera and Qatar Airways in courtesy of TripleTwo Doha. And we lose some because we want to stay true to our model (still, we’ll be softly weeping in our pillows, as Alain de Botton so gently puts it).

Note to 60-self: Watch Botton’s witty TED talk again on our ‘sucked-in’ ideas of success and failure.


Lost Heinz, Amsterdam

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