Members of 60 layers of cake are quite engaged when it comes to health, pure & organic food, cutting down on pollution and respecting nature. We are not world saving warriors -hey, we’re in the advertising business- but we do make small scale efforts to be nice to our planet.

1. we don’t buy stuff we don’t need

We don’t even have desks, chairs or a coffee machine. We participate in a well designed office space for hard working (creative) pro’s. We use the design desks, comfy seats, high tech board-rooms, barista made coffee and yummy restaurant only if we need them. That way, our client’s don’t pay for our housing expenses. They pay for the work we do. And because we share all facilities we save an enormous amount of electricity and energy every year. And the energy we use in the office is by ‘Green Choice’.

In addition, we give away stuff we don’t need. Claudia, our legal & RTV chief, uses the award winning Goedzak when putting the bin outside.


2. we telecommute

Although we love our office, we are used to working from other places: home, the client’s office, hotel lobbies, lunch rooms. We love free wifi for browsing and checking our mail. We love our personal hotspot when we are commuting by train or waiting for the plane. And we love to share our stuff with colleagues via the cloud. This way we cut down on pollution.


3. we rarely print

100% recycled paper, refillable ink cartridges… it’s all very good. Better is not to use it at all. We truly rarely print or copy. We show our strategies, concepts, designs and ideas on screen and wire it to our clients. And if we print, we keep it minimal.

Schermafbeelding 2013-01-24 om 12.10.14

4. we make eco-friendly food choices

The restaurant in our office space offers healthy, organic food & drinks.
Our digital creative director Nathalie grows her own local veggies in the garden and keeps a bunch of free range chicken. She strives a diet without E-numbers. She’s also keeping an eye out for the first food printer launch on the consumer market.
Onno, our managing director, is making a strong effort to relaunch a number of organic food brands on the European market.

Schermafbeelding 2013-01-24 om 11.57.54

5. we make clever use of transportation

We chose carpooling, public transit, biking (hey, we’re Dutch!) or walking. But let’s be realistic, sometimes we need to take the plane. Or a car. Rodger, our CCO, is driving a hybrid car for a decade now. Although in ‘his position’ in Moscow it’s normal to drive a big car, he commuted his full year in Russia by taking the subway, making a stand against the pollution of beautiful Moscow.

Here’s a nice to know: Our communal office bikes (as shown below) are made from old, recycled bicycles.
Here’s another nice to know: Amsterdam is the undisputed leader in Europe, and probably the globe, with respect to non-motorized transit use. Almost 70% of total mobility in Amsterdam is either walking or cycling.

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