Project base collaboration.
For us, “freelance” does not fully grasp what we do. We feel that there is a non-committal energy around that word. When you are looking for a hands-on, creative collaborations, Rodger Beekman will join your team as a dedicated member of your team or agency. He will use his strategic, conceptual, art directional, change and innovation skills to work on any task you will fire at him. If needed he’ll bring in more of 60’s team members, like he did in Tokyo, Moscow, Cape Town and the Middle East. Whether you have a short “get this job out in a day” session or if you’re looking for a mid/long-term collaboration, he’s ready to jump on board.
WhatsApp: +31(0)634228611
Call: +31(0)634228611

Feel free to have a look at some of Rodger’s creative consultancy projects here:
Password: rodgerbeekman60

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