We are founded in December 2005. From the experience of almost 2 decades in advertising came the insight that the agency model used since the industrial revolution has come to the end of it’s life cycle.
This and the fact that there’s a new generation of highly talented, global thinking and multi disciplinary people (who aren’t “looking for a job”, they’d rather do “cool projects”) came our Collaborative Communication model.

Our model is not a strategic chart. It’s a people’s process. Instead of being “stuck” with employees, we have the freedom to combine the perfect match for every brief. We pick the right set of people from our global network: multi-talents, innovative thinkers, experts, programmers, planners, production tigers.

Wait, isn’t that what other “network-agencies” do? Yes. The difference is that our team members can collaborate on the highest level. They can truly share, lead, support and innovate. Taking their responsibilities very seriously and setting a high standard for themselves and the team. But most importantly: they can collaborate with the client. Because we invite at least one person from the client to participate in the collaboration. This way we build on each others talent and insights to reach the best work.

We strongly agree with Charles Leadbeater: “you are what you share”. We stick by that in everything we do.

This Collaboration is lead -in a non-hierarchic way- by some of our key people. These people will maintain the relationship with the brand and the client. In order to reach the best Collaboration, they put a lot of energy in the beginning of the process by creating a shared goal with the client. From there we take on our “share the goal, share the result” principle.

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